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We help aspiring, elite and transitioning athletes identify and leverage the unique skills they have developed through their sport.

With our experience, training and education programs, we guide athletes through their sporting career to a successful and meaningful life beyond the playing field.

Aspiring Athletes

We develop complementary, tailored programmes that allow aspiring athletes to keep focussed on their athletic goals while at the same time putting in place essential plans, programs and activities to ensure when the time comes, a successful transition to life beyond sport is achieved.

Elite Athletes

We partner with organisations and create programs to help elite athletes develop both personally and professionally and establish relationships and contacts to ensure they are well positioned when they transition and move into life beyond sport.

Transitioning Athletes

For transitioning athletes, we offer extensive personal development and career education tools and courses to ensure that the life they are building beyond sport meets their needs and offers purpose, self-confidence and fulfilment.

Corporate Partners

We proactively engage key corporate partners to work with us and our athletes at all levels to create and develop relationships and opportunities that transform sporting ability into employable talent.

Our Courses (COMING MARCH 2017)

Our online career development courses have been carefully selected and developed to suit the specific career and personal development needs of our athletes be they aspiring, elite or transitioning.

Highly functional, online and easy to navigate, these courses are presented by way of a series of short instructional videos that guide athletes to complete them and secure practical and tangible outputs they can act on.

Each course is presented by an expert who has worked extensively in high-performance sport or in the field of athlete transition. In other words, they are by athletes, for athletes.


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Our curriculum is designed for Athletes by Athletes

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