About The Final Whistle


We are a team of successful athlete, corporate and industry leaders that understand the critical importance of successfully transitioning from a sporting career to a life beyond.

Through carefully considered online career development tools, we ensure aspiring, elite and transitioning athletes make a proactive transition from a world dominated by sport to new opportunities that allow them to lead fulfilling, confident and high-value lives both personally and professionally.

It is our ultimate goal to help each athlete articulate the transferable skills they inherently possess and by doing so empower them with a self-belief that they can succeed at whatever they choose.

We are passionate about managing the emotional journey that can come with the change and believe that finding a fulfilling career after sport is the best way to manage transition anxiety and ensure clarity of mind so our athletes can develop real and valued lives.


What we do

We partner with individuals and organisations that understand and are passionate supporters of career education and transition programs for athletes.


Our education focus includes:

We strive for best practice and through our rigorous selection of experts from sporting greats to educational leaders, we engage resources, skills and vocational guidance to position and educate athletes as they move into their post-athletic lives.

Our curriculum is designed for Athletes by Athletes

Interactive Online Education from anywhere

Supported by expert service providers in each area

Athlete-tailored content such as articles and infographics

Dan Parks

Former rugby union player, 66 caps for Scotland, now Business Development Manager at Worldwide Logistics

“When I first went into the guys at The Final Whistle I was not sure what to expect and was a bit of a sceptic. But that soon changed, after being a Professional Athlete for over 12 years I needed someone to help and give me some direction. The impact and thoroughness of the work that Greg and Patrick do made it very clear about where I had to start putting my attentions toward. Thanks so much guys, without your guidance and understanding of what it was I needed, I would still be making excuses”


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