Athlete Members


Athlete Members


Our athlete members are those that have the insight and initiative to undertake one or many of our career or personal development courses. Whether from Olympic, team, extreme or artistic sports, our members have chosen to take responsibility for their future and with our guidance and support we warmly welcome them to The Final Whistle family.

As an athlete member, you will benefit from our athlete-specific course content including videos and interviews with current or recently retired athletes. In addition, upon completing our career development courses you will also have full access to the following:

  • All networking events,
  • Mentoring opportunities, and
  • The potential to be matched to possible employers for work experience or employment.

Another unique benefit is our existing relationships with the business and employment world. Together with support from the athlete community, these relationships support our members each and every step of their journey.


Lisa Darmanin

Olympic Silver Medalist in Rio, Australian Sailing Team

“After the Olympic Games, even though I was successful and had a University degree under my belt, I had no idea where to next. I knew I wanted to campaign to Tokyo in search of Gold, but I also wanted to develop myself beyond sailing, but I was so lost. The biggest question people asked post-Games is, ‘What’s next?’ and that is a terrifying question. I went to The Final Whistle to get help in defining what I wanted and help me understand where to next. I was blown away with their online Career Compass as I read the definition of who I was on the screen; it was exactly me and reinforced what I wanted! The guys then talked me through my results and gave me some great ideas to move forward, helping me with my CV through their online module and giving me the confidence to tell people what I wanted and go in search of something outside the sailing world. As an athlete, we have many doors open for us, but through The Final Whistle, I have the confidence and tools to walk through the right door.”


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