Employer Partners


Employer Partners


Business and sport have always enjoyed a unique relationship that has led to truly remarkable partnerships. In addition, each has learned from the other in regard to high-performance leadership, strategy and mindset strategies.

The Final Whistle works closely with employer partners to identify and leverage athletic talent and how it can be transformed into outstanding employment talent.

We actively encourage our employer members to work closely with us to help our athletes by providing networking and mentoring as well as work experience and employment opportunities. The end goal is to provide the dual benefit of providing a sound, valued future for our athletes as well as highly-talented individuals and employees for our employer members.

To ensure this process works for both athlete and employer members, each athlete is taken through a career determination process that includes identifying personal values, career options and behavioural profiling. All prospective candidates have also been through employability training to ensure a perfect fit for both parties.

Specifically, to service our employer members more efficiently, we have launched the MATCH Program. You can find out more by clicking the button below.


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