Our Values and Mission


Our Values







We believe in continual learning and self-improvement, and in adopting a growth mindset so that we can build resilience through our challenges.

We value honesty and being true to ourselves and our convictions. We are open, deliver on promises and listen to others.

We believe that taking responsibility of our own lives begins with taking action towards our future. Action overcomes procrastination and progress is better than perfection.

We regularly celebrate our achievements and actively encourage and assist one another to produce extraordinary results.

We want a healthy combination of work, physical and mental health, financial well-being, freedom of choice and a strong family life.

Our ultimate goal is to help athletes find fulfilling careers and therefore to have fun in their post-sporting lives.


Our Mission

We are passionate about helping athletes at all stages of their career articulate the unique, transferable skills they have developed through sport.

We believe that by encouraging and nurturing in them a commitment towards ongoing self-improvement, each athlete can develop a deep belief that they can succeed at whatever they choose in life.

It is our belief that by guiding athletes and helping them discover the choices and options they have in life, they will develop an individual, independent and strong identity to see them through any and all the challenges of athlete transition and life beyond.

By utilising experts from the sporting and corporate world, we ensure we provide a level of support through which athletes find a confidence and excitement about the journey ahead. In this way, we enhance their chance of success in their chosen fields so they can continue to be recognised as an important member of a team and find fulfilment and adventure in their new challenges.


Pat McCabe

Former rugby union player, 24 Tests for the Wallabies and 66 caps for the Brumbies, now Lawyer at MinterEllison

“The best piece of advice prior to starting my new career was from Greg Mumm. He told me, ‘Prepare for the fact that you’re not going to be good at your new career for quite a while. You’re used to being a high performer, but you won’t be at your new career for years rather than weeks. The best thing you can do is be the best co-worker you possibly can.’ It was a challenge to go from the top of a sporting environment to being an absolute beginner at something new. While this is both exciting and difficult, Greg’s piece of advice stopped me from getting frustrated with that, and encouraged me to remain open to a whole range of experiences I otherwise wouldn’t have had.”


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