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About our Athlete Courses

Our products and programmes have been developed for both individual athletes as well as sporting organisations.

For individual athletes, be they aspiring, elite or in transition, our online career development tools allow each to create and edit a personalised study or career options shortlist regardless of where they are in the world.

Athletes have the choice of purchasing courses individually or in suggested discounted packages, depending on their need and what stage of their career they are in.

Currently, we have three packages available:

This package is aimed at any athletes who want assistance determining or clarifying their career or study options. It is ideal for athletes starting their journey trying to develop a plan B alongside their sporting goals, as well as athletes approaching the end of their careers who are thinking about their next step. It consists of 4 courses to help create a shortlist of 6 – 10 personalised career or study options:

The benefit of combining these courses is an in-depth analysis of who you are, what options you have available and why they suit you as a person. This course package reduces the anxiety around your future career so that you can pursue your sporting dreams with confidence.

In this package, we will teach you how to leverage the skills you have acquired as an athlete and combine them into a powerful presentation that employers will find hard to resist. In our experience, most athletes don’t take the time to organise and articulate the strengths they have and how they apply to opportunities in the real world. The package consists of:

The outcome of these combined courses is a professional and practised representation of all the skills and potential you bring to a business or position. Together, this ensures you can put your best foot forward and start developing opportunities for your future.

Completing this package will also allow you to be promoted into our elite networking and employment community, which has access to a range of events and job opportunities with leading businesses.

The ultimate start-to-finish career development and transition program for athletes, this package provides the strategy and training to get you from the starting line to the podium with your future career aspirations. It helps you create a vision of your future after sport as well as clarifying a shortlist of options verified by both interest and behavioural profiling. When this is complete it walks you step-by-step through an employability program, which includes Resumé and LinkedIn profile preparation, and modules on Networking and Interviewing, all of which will have you in the best shape possible to chase your dreams.

It is ideal for any athlete who wants to take complete control of their future or someone who has unexpectedly had these realities thrust upon them quickly and is excited about tackling their next challenge. It includes all 8 of our custom-designed career development courses for athletes:

Whether you plan to put it all into action now or are proactively preparing for the future, this course package will give you the confidence that your life outside of sport holds as many exciting adventures and possibilities as your sporting career.


Conrad Smith

Rugby union player, 94 caps for New Zealand All Blacks

“I really enjoyed the courses. The more I did, the more I realised how important something like this is for athletes, to make them understand what it is like in the real world, preparing CVs, going for job interviews etc. I suppose I was lucky in that I went through that whole process with law clerk applications while in my last year of law school, including applications to 5 or 6 law firms and 4 interviews. It was an experience I have never forgotten!”


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