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Career Direction Package


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The benefit of this package is that you will receive an in-depth analysis of who you are, what options you have available and why they suit you as a person. In this package, we help you to visualise your life after sport, determine what’s really important to you, assist you in creating 6 – 10 career options that suit you and provide a behavioural assessment which helps you understand your strengths and how they apply to the workforce.

Price: $149.00

Suitable For: Any athlete who wants assistance determining or clarifying career or study options, whether you are starting your journey of developing a plan B alongside your sporting goals, or you are approaching the end of your athletic career.

Skills Tags: Career Transition, Self-awareness, Values determination, Behavioural profile, Career options, Study options


This package consists of 4 courses to help create a shortlist of 6 – 10 personalised career or study options:

In this course, we start to explore the notion of Transition mindset, and how you can proactively shape your thinking to successfully manage this change in your life, whenever it occurs. Transition Mindset refers to the process of proactively thinking about what your life will be like after sport, how you want to live, and who you want to be as a person.

Just like visualisation and mental rehearsal is used in sport to help prepare you for a future event, transition mindset is your way of mentally rehearsing your transition to the next stage of your life so that you can perform in any adventure you choose for yourself.

In their simplest form, values are those things in life that are important to you. When you can identify and link your own personal values to the team (in sport) or organisation (in life), you’ll naturally improve motivation and resilience and experience greater personal satisfaction and enjoyment. In this course, we use the highly-effective Values Determination Process created by John Demartini to help identify those key values and how they can be used to identify career paths that will be both rewarding and enjoyable.

To create options that align with who you are and what you may want to achieve, we have developed a framework that matches your strengths, interests and lifestyle considerations and aligns them to courses and careers available in the employment market. Our course walks you through each process using a specifically designed online career development tool that creates a personalised study or career options shortlist.

This course is ideal for those athletes wanting to better understand study or career options or those wanting confirmation that their existing thinking is on the right track! Perfect for a current or transitioning athlete, the course will help bring clarity to your career or study options and help reduce any anxiety you may be feeling around making these important decisions.

Behavioural Profiling using the Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) tool, is a fantastic exercise in self-awareness. It allows for a greater understanding of our preferred working styles and our working strengths, as well highlighting those areas which support our working strengths. An understanding of your behavioural profile can lead to greater clarity on what types of roles or careers you may be suited to as well as an awareness of how those around may prefer to behave.

The course utilises a simple questionnaire which produces a report detailing your behavioural preferences, motivators and how these relate to career decisions. As well as creating greater self-awareness, this process also helps ensure you are moving toward career paths that are an ideal fit and not wasting time seeking jobs that don’t suit.

Career Ready Package


Package Description

In this package, we will teach you how to leverage the skills you have acquired as an athlete and combine them into a powerful presentation that employers will find hard to resist. In our experience, most athletes don’t take the time to organise and articulate the strengths they have and how they apply to opportunities in the real world.

The outcome of these combined courses is a professional and practised representation of all the skills and potential you bring to a business or position. Together, this ensures you can put your best foot forward and start developing opportunities for your future.

Completing this package will also allow you to be promoted into our elite networking and employment community, which has access to a range of events and job opportunities with leading businesses.

Price: $349.00

Suitable For: Athletes who already have a clear understanding of what they want to do and are ready to start creating options, whether you are an existing athlete who is keen to develop business or career options, or an athlete in transition who is ready to show the world what you can do.

Skills Tags: Resumé, LinkedIn profile, Networking, Interview skills, Social Media


This package consists of 4 courses:

Having a detailed, yet succinct Resumé, which accurately reflects your skills, qualifications and experience and how they relate to a certain role or industry, will go a long way to helping secure that all-important interview. Without one, it is almost impossible to even get past the initial application stage.

By taking the time to produce your Resumé, with the help of our Resumé builder template, you will help produce better outcomes for yourself as part of the job applications process and it will mean you only need to make small additions and alterations as you move forward. Through understanding how to structure your Resumé in the correct manner, you will ensure that potential employees get a true reflection of what you offer and how you are a suitable match to a job.

The importance of Google searches and social media in today’s employment world cannot be overstated. This is particularly true of online information gathering tools such as LinkedIn. When considering a candidate for a position, employers will engage these tools; as they are effectively your online profile and resumé, having a strong and professional presence is essential. Creating the right impression online also gives you the ability to connect with people around the world, search for jobs and promote yourself and your interests.

As part of this course, we help you to create your LinkedIn profile step-by-step, detailing your skills, capabilities, qualifications and experience, to ensure that your online professional profile is a true reflection of what you are capable of and that it clearly details your career objectives.

As an athlete, you will often hear that sport has the potential to open doors for you. In this networking course, we will give you the skills to unlock these opportunities in order to create the future you want.

This course is ideal for anyone looking to leverage their sporting experiences and profile to create business opportunities or potential employment options. We will give you the skills to clearly and confidently articulate what you are interested in and how people can help you. We will also go through questions to ask in a networking situation which will help you to get to know people in a quick and effective manner so that you can help them in return and create mutually beneficial relationships.

Just like preparing for a big game, 80% of creating confidence for an interview is knowing you’ve done the work. It involves developing a strategy around what your strengths are and how to apply them to the company you are talking to. It also requires having an understanding of some of the potential challenges and preparing for how you will handle these, and then practising your responses so you can handle any situation.

In this course, we show you how to prepare for an important interview, what research you should do and how you can exhibit the strong skills and experiences you bring with you from your sporting career. We will look at the importance of non-verbal communication, as well as get you to practise likely questions and review and reflect on your answers, so that you can feel confident when you walk into the room, that you are ready to impress.

Career Transition Package


Package Description

The ultimate start-to-finish career development and transition program for athletes, this package provides the strategy and training to get you from the starting line to the podium with your future career aspirations. It helps you create a vision of your future after sport as well as clarifying a shortlist of options verified by both interest and behavioural profiling.

When this is complete it walks you step-by-step through an employability program, which includes Resumé and LinkedIn profile preparation, and modules on Networking and Interviewing, all of which will have you in the best shape possible to chase your dreams.

Whether you plan to put it all into action now or are proactively preparing for the future, this course package will give you the confidence that your life outside of sport holds as many exciting adventures and possibilities as your sporting career.

Price: $449.00

Suitable For: Any athlete who wants to take complete control of their future or someone who has unexpectedly had these realities thrust upon them quickly and is excited about tackling their next challenge.

Skills Tags: Career Transition, Self-awareness, Values determination, Behavioural profile, Career options, Study options, Resumé, LinkedIn profile, Networking, Interview skills

All Athletes

This package includes all 8 of our custom-designed career development courses for athletes.


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