Athlete Stories: Sam Mutimer (Women’s Rugby)

Athlete Stories: Sam Mutimer (Women’s Rugby)


Sam Mutimer found her life’s calling in adversity, and it is this theme that enables her to work in helping elite athletes discover theirs and to maximise their brand, even well after retirement.

After breaking her leg playing rugby, she went on to found her company, Thinktank Social Media, not long afterwards in 2009 after using YouTube and Twitter to sell advertising space on her plaster cast!

Her wealth of digital knowledge sees Sam invited to speak at countless digital and social media marketing events and has regularly appeared on ‘The Project’ as an expert in her field. As well as being a devoted mother to two boys, Sam loves her fitness, nutrition and all-round healthy lifestyle.

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Rob Flude

Rob is the Head of Digital & Communications for The Final Whistle. Born and bred in Cape Town, he has called London and Melbourne home and also travelled to 42 countries. He has a background in IT Projects and in Sports Media.
Interests: self-improvement, sport, health & well-being, eCommerce, travelling, reading, craft beer, social enterprises, writing, human behaviour.
First article: February 2016


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