Career Transition Mindset

Career Transition Mindset



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$50 (current price is a Launch Special ONLY)

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In this course, we will walk you through a series of questions which will ask you to write down exactly how you would like an average ideal day, so you can start mentally rehearsing your future. It helps you to visualise a normal day in the future, when you are no longer playing competitive sport, and are living life in a manner that you would find inspiring and meaningful.

Suitable For

Athletes who are either recently retired or still competing in sport, but want to know what transition will entail and how to successfully manage this crucial life change.

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Athlete Transition, Athlete Education, Athlete Career Transition, Mindfulness



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In this course, we start to explore the notion of Transition mindset, and how you can proactively shape your thinking to successfully manage this change in your life, whenever it occurs.

Transition Mindset refers to the process of proactively thinking about what your life will be like after sport, how you want to live, and who you want to be as a person.

Just like visualisation and mental rehearsal is used in sport to help prepare you for a future event, transition mindset is your way of mentally rehearsing your transition to the next stage of your life so that you can perform in any adventure you choose for yourself.

  • Learn about some of the common challenges of athlete transition
  • Get excited about preparing for a life after sport
  • Get an introduction to the Ideal Day exercise
  • Understand why Career Transition Mindset is important
  • Recognise the similarities between visualisation in sport and visualising your future
  • Create a written picture of your ideal day
  • Finalise a vision for your future
  • Have a clear picture of your Plan B, so you can focus on your Plan A, namely sport

None, but the Values Determination course is recommended.


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