Career & Study Options and Personal Behavioural Profile

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Career & Study Options and Personal Behavioural Profile



Course Description

In this 2-part career development course, we allow you to create a shortlist of career and study options that suit you and your key personal behavioural characteristics. As part of the course, you will receive both a Career Summary Report and a Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) report courtesy of our carefully chosen partners.

In the first part of the course, by exploring your strengths & weaknesses, likes & dislikes as well as assessing your career interests and lifestyle considerations, we provide a framework to support you in creating clarity around your study or career decisions.

In the second part of the course, we will go through what the PPA is, why it is useful and beneficial to your life and career and how you can interpret and apply the results.

Suitable For

Athletes who would like to create or evaluate career and study options that match their interests, lifestyle considerations and behavioural strengths, which will then assist them to determine the suitability of certain jobs and industries while also gaining greater self-awareness.

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Date Released

Part 1: Career & Study Options

To create options that align with who you are and what you may want to achieve, we have developed a framework that matches your strengths, interests and lifestyle considerations and aligns them to courses and careers available in the employment market. Our course walks you through each process using a specifically designed online career development tool that creates a personalised study or career options shortlist.

This course is ideal for those athletes wanting to better understand study or career options or those wanting confirmation that their existing thinking is on the right track! Perfect for a current or transitioning athlete, the course will help bring clarity to your career or study options and help reduce any anxiety you may be feeling around making these important decisions.

Part 2: Personal Behavioural Profile

Behavioural Profiling using the Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) tool, is a fantastic exercise in self-awareness. It allows for a greater understanding of our preferred working styles and our working strengths, as well highlighting those areas which support our working strengths.

The PPA defines 4 key behavioural areas – Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance (DISC), with everyone falling into either one or a combination of these behavioural characteristics.

An understanding of your behavioural profile can lead to greater clarity on what types of roles or careers you may be suited to as well as an awareness of how those around may prefer to behave.

This course utilises a simple questionnaire which produces a report detailing your behavioural preferences, motivators and how these relate to career decisions. As well as creating greater self-awareness, this process also helps ensure you are moving toward career paths that are an ideal fit and not wasting time seeking jobs that don’t suit.

  • Know why a plan B is important
  • Learn how to use the online career development software
  • Complete a career interests profile
  • Create an initial shortlist of 6 to 10 career or study options
  • Prioritise your top 4 lifestyle preferences
  • Discover your top 3 career options
  • Know why understanding our behaviours is important
  • Know why understanding your own preferred behaviours is important for you
  • Know what the PPA is and how it benefits you
  • Know what the four key behavioural styles are
  • Know what your PPA profile is and understand what your PPA profile means for you
  • Obtain your PPA report
  • Complete the optional Personal Behavioural assessment
  • Download your Career Summary Report

None, but doing the Career Transition Mindset and Values Determination courses is recommended.


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