Patrick Wright

About: Patrick Wright

  • Role : Head of Corporate Relations

Hi, I am the Head of Partner Relations for The Final Whistle.

Previously, I have spent six and a half years living and working in London, the last two of which I spent working for the Rugby Business Network, initiating and running its Life After Rugby program. Prior to this, I spent seven years as a Currency Trader working in both Sydney and London for St George Bank and Westpac.

I have also worked as an S&C Coach, including with the England 7’s Rugby Team and the Hertfordshire Uni and County Elite Athlete Program.

One of the biggest pieces of feedback I get from athletes is that they wish they had been better prepared for when they retired and that they didn’t leave it too late to start thinking about it. I believe I can continue to help athletes understand the need to prepare for their life after sport, to help them identify the careers outside of sport that are fulfilling and meaningful to them, and then to connect them with relevant industries and engaged businesses.


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